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Leptospermum scoparium
Mānuka Aloe Cleanser 100mL
Mānuka Aloe Cream 50mL
Mānuka Beautiful Body Oil 100mL
Mānuka Coldsore Drops 5mL
Mānuka Hand and Body Lotion 300mL
Mānuka Honey Lip Balm 10g
Mānuka Skin Balm 50mL
Mānuka Skintreat 100mL
Mānuka Sports Cream 100mL
Mānuka Tattoo Cream 50mL
Mānuka Tattoo Cream 15mL
Mānuka Tinea Drops 5mL
Mānuka Vitamin E Cream 100 mL
Pure Kānuka Oil 10mL
Pure Kānuka Oil 5mL
Pure Red Mānuka Oil 5mL
Pure Red Mānuka Oil 10mL

Pure Red Mānuka Oil 10mL

Pure Red Arapawa Island Manuka Oil 10mL A.M.O Red Mānuka Oil is known as a sweet smelling anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antiseptic and anti-fungal oil. It is felt to have stronger pain killing and anti-inflammatory properties than white mānuka oil. It is also harder to source, with a much lower yield. It is used for skin and muscle inflammation, scalp irritations, minor wounds and abrasions, pimples, ulcers, thrush, shingles, scar tissue. Refreshing antiseptic and pain reliever.


Apply directly to affected areas, repeating several times a day, and continue for at least ten days, unless condition eases before. Bites and stings may not need as frequent attention after initial application, but oil is most effective when applied as soon a possible after sting or bite.

About the ingredients

100% Pure Red Mānuka Oil distilled from wild and organic Arapawa Island Red Mānuka trees, Leptospermum scoparium


10mL amber glass bottle with convenient dripulator.