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Mānuka Beautiful Body Oil 100mL

Manuka Body Oil 100mL AMO Beautiful Body Oil has been developed for rejuvenating skin and is an essential part of our skincare body range.Our skin responds very well to a combination of oils and creams. The blend of nutrifying oils in our Body Oil is designed to absorb rapidly after a shower so that clothing will not be come impregnated with oil, but your skin will retain a healthy glow. After a shower, as a facial, after sun and wind exposure or anytime, treat your skin with these organic essentials in beautiful carrier oils.


Used as part of our body range to encourage people to use mānuka on their skin every day for skin health. Use daily as often as you like - a couple of pumps from the dispenser is ample for a facial for example, so you do not need a lot. If skin is very dry, we reccommend using AMO Body Lotion at night, and the Body Oil after a shower in the morning

About the ingredients

Beautiful Body Oil contains red and white mānuka oil and local lavender oil to help prevent chapping and skin irriations. These essentials are blended with almond,olive, apricot, Vitamin E and advcado oils for nourishment, radience and silky smoothness.


Available in 100mL amber glass bottle with convenient pump dispenser.