Sports Cream

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A.M.O Mānuka Anti-inflammatory Cream is a strong blend of anti-inflammatory oils in a cream base developed to help with soft tissue injury, or when aches and pains occur. Originally a sister product to our sports massage oil, our aim was to provide the same anti-inflammatory properties in a cream base for people who prefer that formulation, and for use as a warm up rub for tendons and muscles prior to strenuous activity. However, this cream is an excellent all purpose anti-inflammatory, useful after injury, in post physiotherapy care, and in ongoing pain resulting from musco-skeletal problems.


Apply frequently and liberally as required for loosening tight, sore muscles and tendons or to increase suppleness prior to strenuous activity. Initially two applications 15 minutes apart are recommended after soft tissue injury, in post physio care, or in more persistent aches. The anti-inflammatory action can be enhanced with heat pads if required.

About the ingredients

A.M.O Anti-inflammatory Cream contains both red and white mānuka oils, combined with marjoram and peppermint oils. These oils are said to ease muscle pain, rheumatic pain, aching feet, inflammation and also to lift the spirits. Marjoram, an early gypsy herbal remedy for arthritis and rheumatic pain, and our red mānuka oil provide the strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Our white mānuka oil combined with peppermint provide cooling relief and a very pleasant smell. This product is made at full strength for maximum benefit, and has a long shelf life.


Available in 100mL pearl plastic pots.


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