Aloe Cream

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Mānuka Aloe Cream is an ultra moisturising cream, quickly absorbed, combining the moisturising properties of rose oil, aloe vera, almond, apricot and sweet orange oil with the antibacterial cleansing properties of mānuka oil. This has been developed primarily as a facial cream with a beautiful perfume of rose. Suitable as a night or day cream, depending on skin type, and a lovely, light eye cream for the delicate eye area. Although this moisturiser is enriched with several essential oils, there is no oily residue, as rapid penetration holds moisture in the inner layers of the skin. Great under makeup.



For dry skin types apply night and morning, or more frequently if required, paying special attention to delicate eye area. For oily or combination skin types, apply once or twice a day, concentrating on dryer areas.

About the ingredients

For this formulation we have included an aromatic French Rose oil for it’s beautiful perfume, which blends well with the fresh aroma of mānuka oil. All the ingredients in this formulation were selected for their moisturising and nutrient properties and are blended into a very light non- allergenic cream base. Essential oil of Rose is known as anti – wrinkle oil. Orange oil is known to tone the skin, help rid toxins from congested skin and moisturise, almond and apricot are renowned as skin nutrients, and aloe vera is highly regarded as a skin and burn treatment.


50mL Pearl pot with a pressure seal and screw cap.


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