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Manuka Vitamin E Cream

Manuka Vitamin E Cream Enriched skin protection and total moisturing skincare with the benefits of vitamin E and manuka oil and manuka honey, used for skin softening and improved elasticity. This amazing combination of ingredients in our recipe has been blended to provide intensive care and protection for normal skin types, but also to help problem skin types with a gentle but effective healing treatment. Vitamin E improves overall body health, and stops other vitamins from being oxidised, so that they can be completely assimilated by the body in their pure state.


Use this amazing combination of Vitamin E, rich, nourishing oils and manuka honey for all over moisturising and softening rough and damaged skin.great moisturiser for face, hands and as body moisturiseras it helps improve the skin's elasticity.Also effective on scarring, stretch marks, psoriasis, dermatitis. Wonderfully soothing for childrens delicate skin right as well as sensitive or fragile skin.

About the ingredients

Contains castor bean oil for richness, vitamin E for improved skin health and elasticity, almond, apricot, avocado, coconut, and wheatgerm oils for their luxurious softening ability, calendula and rosehip for healing and manuka oils, manuka honey for anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial andanti-fungal healing properties, beeswax, vegetable glycerine, vanilla bean oil and water for the silk bonding of our recipe.


White squeezie tube with a lid stand - 100 mL.