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Manuka Aloe Cleanser

Manuka Rose Cleansing Milk 125mL Clear Flask A.M.O Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser is a gentle and effective cream cleanser formulated to leave no oily residue or soapy feel - just clean soft skin. The anti-bacterial properties of the essential manuka oils and honey have been blended with the soothing properties of chamomile to allow damaged, irritated or fragile skin to naturally repair with regular use. This cleanser is particularly gentle on sensitive skin types and enriched with several anti-inflammatory oils that are used to settle skin disorders without creating an oil build up or clogging pores. The cleanser is prepared and blended cold without heat, to prevent the overheating and subsequent spoiling of the more delicate essential oils.


Apply morning and night, massaging gently into face and neck, rinse or tissue off as preferred. Ideal for removing makeup and gentle enough for taking off eye makeup. It can be used under a facial scrub for a more gentle exfoliation treatment.

About the ingredients

The ingredients we selected for this product needed to compliment each other well, to provide effective cleansing properties, while being used at strengths that create an aromatic balance - in other words we wanted something that worked very well, with a delicate fragrance. To enhance the anti- bacterial action of the red and white manuka oils we used the UMF (active) antibiotic property of manuka honey, with the cleansing and astringent qualities of lemon. To enhance the soothing and anti-inflammatory action we combined chamomile and lavender, and to guard against the loss of the skin's natural oils we combined orange, apricot and almond oils.


Available in handy 100mL plastic flask with pump.